Lua Art is jewelry carefully handcrafted with love and soul to bring beauty and naturality to people from all over the world. My jewelry made with gemstones, shells, feathers and seeds combined with macrame knots is perfect for everyday use to emphasize natural beauty.

My name is Ula, I’m an artist and traveller. I founded Lua Art after coming back from Portugal, where I lived for several months and where my passion for jewelry making started. The name of my store comes from changing letters order in my actual name into Lua, which means the Moon in Portuguese language.

Since I started to live just from what my hands and mind create, I live in travel. I take my art with me to different parts of the world, I collect materials from the places I live in and I take inspiration from the nature that surrounds me.

When I start working on a new piece I have only a basic idea on how it’s going to look and I let my artistic energy flow intuitively. Each piece I create is unique because it’s affected by my interior state and by my surroundings.

In my Macrame pieces I use earthy colors and organic shapes and patterns. I love to work with gemstones, feathers, seeds, shells and other natural materials. I believe that Nature is the greatest artist.

What is Macrame?

Macrame knotting technique is one of the oldest crafts, dating back to 500 B.C, where it was used by Persians and Syrians for making their own clothes. In the 13th century the art was taken to Spain with the Moorish conquerors, then it spread to Italy and through Europe.
In the Victorian era Macrame was used to make household items like tablecloths, bedspreads and curtains. Sailors made hammocks, bell fringes 
and belts from macrame and traded them where they landed, spreading the art to China and the New World.

Macrame jewelry became popular in America within the “hippie movements”, starting in the early 70’s. 

In macrame there’s no need to use any tools, no needles, no crochet, no glue. Just hands, some patience and imagination.


Packing and delivery

When I pack and send my jewelry I give big attentions to details, trying to make the new owner feel really special. It will arrive to you in a gift box, with handwritten note inside. I secure the package to make sure it will arrive to you safely, but at the same time trying to make it as eco-friendly as possible.  


Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or you wish for a personalized order!

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