Order your own custom piece

I would love to create something specially for you! Write me about your ideas and I will message you back to discuss it and let you know what materials I have available.

What to include in the message?

1)  Choose whether you want a necklace, pendant, earrings, bracelet, armlet, anklet, tiara, hair jewelry, barefoot sandals or maybe something different that you have in mind?

2) Choose your materials: if you want a specific gemstone, include it in the message and I will let you know what I have in stock.
Write me if you want to add shells, ammonites, feathers, gemstone beads, brass beads, seed beads, wooden elements, chains or pendants.

3) Choose one or more thread colors:

4) Let your imagination run free! Whatever you have in mind, write me about it. I will gladly hear your ideas with new things to try. Together we can create something special and unique! 

Write here about your ideas for personalized piece!

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