Set of 4 Soy Candles for Aromatherapy 120 ml

Designed and handmade with love by Lua Art.

Ingredients: natural soy wax, pure essential oils, wooden wick, dried flowers and herbs.
100% vegan

Burning time: approximately 25h each candle

Dimensions: 6.5 cm high, 6 cm diameter


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Candle „SWEET LIFE” is an enjoyable and sweet scent, which will both relieve your stress and energise you. This fragrance will stimulate your mood, make you feel happy and alive.

„CREATIVE SPARK” is a candle ideal for work, no matter if it requires your concentration or artistry. You can light it in your office whenever you need to focus, or in your art workshop to let your inventiveness work at full capacity.

„TENDER FLAME” is an amazing scent to stimulate sensual mood. Combining three aphrodisiac essential oils, it’s a perfect companion in your bedroom or while a romantic date.
You can also use melted wax of this candle while giving a sensuous massage to your loved-one.

Candle „PEACE OF MIND” is perfect to calm your mind after a long, active day. With this scent you can truly feel as relaxed as in a luxurious SPA. It’s great for use at bedtime, during meditation or while practicing yoga.

Unlike most scented candle manufacturers, we do not add any artificial fragrances. They are made with 100% pure essential oils, which makes them ideal for aromatherapy.

Soy wax contains nothing artificial, which makes it better alternative to paraffin wax. Soy wax is non-toxic making it better both for the environment and your health!
Moreover, you can use melted soy wax as a lotion on your skin or a massage oil! It will naturally absorb into your skin like any other skin lotion or oil.

Each candle comes with a black plastic lid to enjoy the intense fragrance for longer.
It will arrive to you in an eco-friendly box, ready to be gifted.